R&D Results

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R&D Results

Finding our place in the market for a hydrogen economy and securing future growth through sustained technological development

Since 2006, JNTG had accumulated technological expertise through the course of developing electrodes, MEAs, and DMFC. Leveraging this expertise, from 2008 to 2013, JNTG set out to fully localize the production of GDLs in Korea in partnership with the Hyundai Motor Company as part of phases 1 and 2 of the initiative by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy to localize hydroelectric vehicle GDLs.

In 2011, JNTG became the first company in Korea to develop a rroll-type carbon paper. Then in 2012, it successfully developed the first roll-type GDL. Starting in 2013, JNTG worked on building a mass-production system, which resulted in GDL production line No. 1 (for pilot production) and No. 2 (for mass production). With these, JNTG can supply GDLs for about 10,000 hydroelectric vehicles. As domestic and international demand is growing for hydroelectric cars, our plan is to progressively add production lines 3~5 and gain the capacity to produce GDLs for 100,000 vehicles.

JNTG is continuing to invest steadily in our R&D to bring our technology closer to perfection. Currently, we are working to develop a technology that can allow us to make thinner GDLs and upgrade the durability of existing ones. We are also developing carbon paper products that can be used in the fuel cells of power generation systems and electrolyzers.

R&D Outputs

Year R&D Output Commercial Product

175㎛ Gas Diffusion Layer

430㎛ Molded Graphite Paper for PAFC & Water Electrolyzer

JNT17-A6 series



180㎛ GDL

430㎛ Molded graphite paper for PAFC & Water Electrolyzer

JNT18-A6 series



210㎛ GDL

JNT21-A6 series


≤ 300㎛ GDL

JNT30E-A6 series


250㎛ GDL

Graphite Felt for VRFB

JNT20-A3, A6

GF051B, 061B


420 / 320㎛ GDL

JNT40-A3, JNT30-A3