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Technical Edge

Broadening our technical leadership in hydrogen fuel cells,
Finding our place as a leader in the global hydrogen community

The competitive edge of JNTG comes from our relentless pursuit of new goals, innovation, and technological progress in response to our customers' needs.
Our commitment is to become a key player in the hydrogen economy of a pollution-free world, and this is evident in our acquisition of the in-house design and production capabilities for the gas diffusion layer and graphite felt electrode. These two accomplishments have enabled us to localize the production of hydrogen fuel cell materials and components in Korea and rapidly enter the global hydrogen market.

  • Technical GDL and GF electrode design expertise that draws upon a broad range of experience
  • Fully in-house production process

Design & Mass Production
Capability for Fuel Cell GDL

GDL design and production that is tailored to the various fuel cell operating conditions required by customers.

Dispersion of carbon fiber, fully in-house GDL production process and facilities

Fully in-house production process enables GDL design and production that is tailored to customer requirements

Experience working with major MEA and system makers for development and production

Production Technology for VRFB Graphite Felt Electrodes

Technical capability to design and make graphite felt electrodes for VRFBs

Acquired the technical capability to design and produce graphite felts using carbon fiber

Acquired the technical capability to carbonize / graphitize carbon fiber felts and turn them into electrodes

Relentless Striving and Innovation

Relentlessly striving and innovating to become the very best in the world

Relentlessly striving to realize the transformation into a pollution-free world. Challenges and innovation are always welcome as we seek to satisfy our customers and realize the goal of a emissions-free world.