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Developing critical fuel cell materials & components for a hydrogen society

JNTG is leading the growth of the hydrogen energy industry with its efforts to develop key materials and components of fuel cells. We are focusing all our effort on strengthening carbon material technology, actively seeking to localize carbon technology in Korea and develop new markets in the world.

Since 2006, we have spent 15 years diligently pursuing the R&D of fuel cell materials and components. This led to our success in 2018 to become the first company in the country to use carbon paper to produce a gas diffusion layer (GDL), graphite felt (GF), and molded graphite paper (MGP). We have also internalized the whole production process that is right of making carbon fiber. Everything from making carbon veils to carbon paper is now fully in-house.

We are also seeking to expand our production capacity by setting up a mass-production line that includes: in-house water repellent & MPL coating of carbon paper, which completes the internalization of GDL production; developing materials and production processes solely using original technology; and expanding quality management along with the production lines.

JNTG will proactively seek out technological development and make new investments to refine our main products and create new opportunities in the global market so that we can take our place as the front-runner in the hydrogen economy that is to come.

Products & Features

Carbon Paper & GDL

Emergency power system

Graphite Felt

Energy storage system(ESS)
Redox flow battery


High-temperature PEMFC
Water electrolyzers

Carbon Cloth

Friction material
Energy storage system (ESS)
Redox flow battery


Fuel Cell Cars

Fuel Cells for Buildings

Fuel Cell Drones

Energy Storage Systems


Distributed Power Generators