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GF (Graphite Felt)

At least 97% carbon content. Highly durable in prolonged driving conditions. High electrical conductivity.

The graphite felt (GF) is an important component of energy storage systems (ESS). It provides the reaction site (or catalyzes) the vanadium ion's redox reaction. It also provides an electrical connection between the catalyst layer and separator plate, serving as an important component that enables electron transport.

A flow battery is a rechargeable battery in which the reactive electrolytes are supplied to the stacks from the electrolyte tank. JNTG's specialized surface treatment technology allows our GF electrodes to have a high graphite degree, resulting in excellent performance and durability.

Our GF undergoes a graphitization process that give it at least a 97% carbon content. It displays high durability in prolonged driving conditions and high electrical conductivity. We can deliver products in sheet or roll form. We can also control their thickness and density, optimizing them for the particular structure of the VRFB system the customer needs. The GFs do have to become thinner as part of improving the energy density of stacks. The thin-film (1mm) graphite felt is currently in development.

Features & Specifications

  • We can supply both mass-production grade and high-quality GF electrodes
  • Our distinctive surface treatment technology allows a high level of electrolyte flow and electrical conductivity, ensuring uniform and high levels of performance
  • 제품특징(경쟁사)

    Thermal Treatment (Competitor)

    Resin absorption is uneven across and below the surface
    Overoxidation of GF surface reduces durability

  • 화살표
  • 제품특징(JNTG)

    Thermal & Chemical Treatment (JNTG)

    Uniform levels of oxidation and resin absorption across and below graphite felt surface
    Highly durable, high voltage efficiency

Model Thickness (µm) Weight (g/m²) Carbon Content (wt.%) Electrical Resistance (Ω∙mm) @20%
Purity (total metallic content)
GF051BH 4.2 ± 0.5 400 ± 50 ≥ 97.0 < 12 < 400
GF061AH 5.0 ± 0.5 500 ± 50 ≥ 97.0 < 12 < 400

Production Process

  • In-house carbonized felt production allows us to control thickness, weight, etc.
  • The simultaneous use of chemical and thermal activation techniques allow us to activate the carbon uniformly both on and below the surface
  • Our experience with making products in various sizes puts us in an excellent position to supply materials for stack production
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* Each step is completed from roll to roll.


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