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Core Technology

“Let's differentiate our technology so that we can gain a distinct competitive edge in our business.”

(May 2019, Chairman Sangwook Jang)

The Competitive Edge of the World's Finest GDL Technology

JNTG successfully developed the technology required to make GDLs, the final 1% that remained in creating a 100% localized Korean hydroelectric automobile. This technological edge and entry into the global market earned our company acclaim not only in Korea but also overseas.

R&D at JNTG is currently focused on making products that have great uniformity in all their properties including thickness, porosity distribution, porosity, and smoothness, while also seeking to enhance our products' MEA performance. We also possess the in-house technology to make the MPL that coat onto the GDL. As such, we are able to flexibly adjust the level of humidity that our GDL can perform under, making our products ultra-thin between 180㎛ and 130㎛ without disconnection.

Technology Acquired Details
GDL Production

Production of carbon paper using carbon fiber
Production of MPL slurry from carbon black and water repellent resin
MPL slurry coating technology

Graphite Felt Production

Production of felt using carbon fiber material
Continuous carbonization / graphitization technology
Surface treatment technology