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Basic System

"A trusted company that delights customers with original technology and new ideas"

Our CI represents JNTG's will to grow into a company that leads the world market through the development of unique and differentiated technologies that has never been, and expresses JNTG's technology-oriented, customer-oriented, high-tech company image.

Color System

JNTG's orange color symbolizes cutting-edge technology, creativity, challenge, and enthusiasm, and reflects the future of JNTG, which continues to develop toward the global market. The color system is designed to deliver JNTG's consistent image and maintain the same color. The CI is to be used on a white background.

JNTG Orange

  • Color Chip : Panton 1655C
  • Process Color (Print) : C0 M65 Y100 K0
  • RGB Color (Online) : R244 G121 B32